Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stay at home mom turned plumber?

Last week my 14 year old son was washing his hands (this takes some effort) in the kitchen sink and apparently put too much pressure on the faucet when trying to switch from spray mode to stream mode.  The faucet broke off and water was shooting all over the kitchen.  Quite the scene!

I was left with just the hose to wash dishes :(

The next day I found myself at Home Depot because washing dishes with just the hose that shoots wherever it's aimed was becoming stressful.  I spent about 30 mins in the faucet section and finally selected this one. I am excited to have the addition of the soap pump!

Normally, I would wait for my husband to do help with this project, but he was having a busy work week so I thought I'd try to conquer this task myself and surprise him!  The assembly instructions can be a little intimidating.  Thank goodness for the internet and the many videos on how to replace a sink faucet.

The 1st step was to turn off the water and disconnect the hot and cold hose connections ....easy enough.

I don't have any pictures of the next several steps, but trust me, it was no picnic being crammed into a tiny space under the sink trying to unscrew and disconnect the rest of the parts and pieces that had been there for 11 years.  Ugh!

It took me 2 hours to get the old faucet out.  The good news is I learned a lot about how the faucet is connected so it made the installation of the new faucet much easier :)

Goodbye old faucet!

 Hello pretty new faucet!

 This was a major accomplishment for me, so I've been patting myself on the back ever since :)

 I have a whole new respect for plumbers!

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  1. Whoa!!!!! You did good! I would have been a nervous wreck. Your new faucet looks wonderful. Congrats on your new title. :)

  2. You go girl!! That is a great accomplishment and now you will appreciate it every time you use it!

  3. Bravo! I'm so very impressed. I'd be patting myself on the back too. Wow, that is a huge deal. I redid the toilet works once and thought I was a genius, but it took so long I wondered if it was worth it. Usually it is, just to know you could and did do it! Way to go! Thanks for stopping over at Quirky Vistas. I enjoyed hearing from you about the abundant pumpkin patches. I can hardly imagine living near farms and all the fun sights that such scenery must bring.